Laura Medisky – Alexander Technique

Laura Medisky, DMA, M.AmSAT received her training at the Alexander Technique Center Urbana under the direction of Joan and Alex Murray, and has been teaching for over 15 years. She is a professional musician and holds oboe performance degrees from UW-Madison, UCLA, and Arizona State University. Through her own experience with chronic pain and debilitating tendonitis, Laura came to the Alexander Technique in search of physical relief, and discovered a philosophical approach to mind-body awareness and habit-changing that has enhanced her musical practice, performance, teaching and daily life.

Alexander Technique is an educational method that teaches students how to change faulty postural habits, enabling improved mobility, posture, performance and alertness along with relief of chronic stiffness, tension and stress. Taught through private lessons, a certified teacher uses hands-on and verbal cues to help the student develop an awareness of the body as a whole, understand the mind-body connection, and become conscious of habits that are causing problems or pain. It takes about ten lessons to begin to understand the principles of the technique, although benefits may be noticed after just one lesson.

Lessons are comprised of two parts. One portion is spent working with everyday movements such as standing, sitting, bending or walking, while the other portion is spent on a bodywork table. Through the course of a lesson the teacher helps the student release excess tension allowing the body to move more freely, naturally, and with more coordination. Once a foundation of the principles has been established, the teacher can guide the student in applying the technique to specific activities such as working at a computer, driving, exercising, playing an instrument, etc. For more information please visit or