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Gentle, Natural Skin Care

  In response to some recent questions, I’d like to share my skin care routine with you! Here are the products that I use: Pure Raw Clay (Masks & Baths) Raw Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Raw Organic Coconut Oil Cackle Bees Honey Bar Soap I like to keep skin care really simple. I allow my skin to function naturally, with the least amount of intervention. Tempting though it may be, I try to avoid the idea that I can outsmart my skin’s innate intelligence and self-understanding. I trust that everything my skin does, it does on purpose. My intention in caring for my complexion is to assist my┬ábody in functioning to its fullest potential. My skin is an external reflection of my internal state. To appear vibrant and alive to the outside world, I consume vibrant foods that are full of life. To keep my external appearance unblemished, I keep my consumption clean. I avoid or limit my intake of sugar, salt, caffeine, and alcohol; and I choose internal and external nourishment that is free from chemical additives. I only use soap to wash my face when I take a shower, every 2-3 days. I prefer a gentle soap made by a local beekeeper, called Cackle Bees Honey Bar Soap, which contains 4 saponified oils, beeswax, and honey (confession: sometimes I don’t use soap at all…GASP!). Between showers, I simply rinse my face with plain water. I love the Moroccan skin care routine. Once per week I use a clay mask on my face, neck, and decolletage. I prefer pure, raw, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay (with no added ingredients), because it is not drying. I apply the clay up to a quarter of an inch thick, and┬árinse it off before it dries, about 20 minutes later. I use a wet washcloth, and try to avoid rubbing. After a clay mask, and after each shower, I thinly apply 100% raw, organic, Moroccan Argan Oil (with no added ingredients) to the same areas. It only takes a few drops! Blemishes can be treated with a thick blob of clay, which is rinsed off before it dries. I keep a jar of clay handy, ready for use, because clay performs best when it has been prepared in advance. To prepare clay for use, I fill a pint sized mason jar halfway with dry clay, and cover the clay with water. There is no need … Continue reading

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