Gentle, Natural Skin Care


In response to some recent questions, I’d like to share my skin care routine with you! Here are the products that I use:

  • Pure Raw Clay (Masks & Baths)
  • Raw Organic Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Raw Organic Coconut Oil
  • Cackle Bees Honey Bar Soap

I like to keep skin care really simple. I allow my skin to function naturally, with the least amount of intervention. Tempting though it may be, I try to avoid the idea that I can outsmart my skin’s innate intelligence and self-understanding. I trust that everything my skin does, it does on purpose. My intention in caring for my complexion is to assist my body in functioning to its fullest potential.

My skin is an external reflection of my internal state. To appear vibrant and alive to the outside world, I consume vibrant foods that are full of life. To keep my external appearance unblemished, I keep my consumption clean. I avoid or limit my intake of sugar, salt, caffeine, and alcohol; and I choose internal and external nourishment that is free from chemical additives.

I only use soap to wash my face when I take a shower, every 2-3 days. I prefer a gentle soap made by a local beekeeper, called Cackle Bees Honey Bar Soap, which contains 4 saponified oils, beeswax, and honey (confession: sometimes I don’t use soap at all…GASP!). Between showers, I simply rinse my face with plain water.

I love the Moroccan skin care routine. Once per week I use a clay mask on my face, neck, and decolletage. I prefer pure, raw, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay (with no added ingredients), because it is not drying. I apply the clay up to a quarter of an inch thick, and rinse it off before it dries, about 20 minutes later. I use a wet washcloth, and try to avoid rubbing. After a clay mask, and after each shower, I thinly apply 100% raw, organic, Moroccan Argan Oil (with no added ingredients) to the same areas. It only takes a few drops!

Blemishes can be treated with a thick blob of clay, which is rinsed off before it dries. I keep a jar of clay handy, ready for use, because clay performs best when it has been prepared in advance. To prepare clay for use, I fill a pint sized mason jar halfway with dry clay, and cover the clay with water. There is no need to stir. Hydrated clay can be stored in a medicine cabinet, in a lidded glass jar (no plastic or metal, please). I add water periodically if it begins to look dry.

Once per week I take a clay bath. I add a quarter cup to a cup of therapeutic grade clay to my bath water (hydrated in advance, when time allows), along with a quarter to a half a cup of mineral salts. Currently I prefer a red desert clay called Terramin, although there are several other clays in my rotation. I can never seem to get enough mud! If my skin has been feeling dry, I apply organic, raw coconut oil to my body & then quickly rinse off in the shower to prevent greasiness.

I’m not a dermatologist, and this blog isn’t about the science of skin care. Though no shortage of research exists regarding the use of clays, argan oil, or coconut oil in skin care, ultimately I take care of my skin by following my values. In an increasingly modernized world, I try to remain in harmony with my environment, and to retain a trace of my ancestral heritage. Would my primitive ancestors have had access to products that resemble what I use? What would they have done to care for their skin? For the average layperson, I believe the answer would have been: not much!

How do you care for your skin? I would love to hear from you! If you try any of these recommendations, I would love your feedback!

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